It’s time to say hello to the new year! We can only hope this one will be a good one. I started my blogging page last year, I’m now 19 and scarily 20 this year! I still work in one of the many Greggs stores and still get that beautiful discount.

What do I plan to do with this year?

– First off, I plan to write many many more blogs that give an insight into the world of mental illness for both sufferers and those interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the title. I already have 14 blogs planned – keen right? How many of those actually make it to the pleasure of your viewing will be a different story.

– I also plan to make tones more memories; this sounds sooooo cliche but hear me out. Last year was the year I built up the courage to go to the doctors and find out what’s up – low and behold the diagnosis. So my year was pretty much taken up by break downs, medication trials, therapy. You name it, I went there. That left 0 time for having fun and being me and I plan on finding out who that me is this year.

– Lastly, I want to focus on fitness because not only is it good for your mental health and stress relief but it can also be a healthier form of control. I find that anxiety and depression can leave you feeling out of control and lost so I’m going to trial fitness and see how it helps – or doesn’t.

Why am I writing my blogs?

Last year I started my blogs as a way to release the thoughts that lurk in my brain and I didn’t expect the reaction I received! I was truly blessed that so many people had the chance to understand and relate to them. My blogs are to educate those who don’t suffer and to provide a shoulder for those who do – an understanding that you aren’t alone. Sometimes, my blogs have gotten personal but that’s only boosted he should effect!

I found my blogs really helped me to cope and to keep my crazy mind at bay and so here goes to year two!

Please share with me what you plan to do with this year!

All the best, T x


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