Happy Pills.

Medication – what a taboo topic, am i right? It can be a short/long term fix; it can be non addictive and addictive; you can get it right first go or have to go through every single type. The same applies to mental health medication. Of course not every person who experiences mental health concerns is in need of medication but if you do, it doesn’t make you any less of a fighter. Sometimes we just need that extra help – like people who go to the gym and use protein shakes to boost muscle growth idk.


Here we go again – why must society as a whole create such stigma about anything and everything? Ugh, patriarchy. Everybody knows that mental health has a huge stigma but somehow mental health medication has been granted an even bigger one. As if  taking the step towards helping yourself heal isn’t hard enough but now we have to deal with what people will think if we take medication too??? That’s enough to send anyone’s anxiety through the roof.

There is normally this misconception that you have to be certified insane to need medication – it can take years to build up the courage to talk yourself out of denial long enough to go and seek the help you need. In fact even mild cases of mental illness may need some kind of medication, who is anyone to judge what you need except for yourself and your GP?

Your medication is your choice – but let us stop believing that medication is a cover up to stop us from feeling because, lets be real, mental illnesses does that for us anyway.

What it does?

There are many different types of medication for mental health, like there are for any physical illness. It just depends on which one works for you. I believe my medication helps to balance out the chemical imbalance that depression and anxiety causes within my brain; enabling me to function throughout my day. By no means does my medication cure me… That’s what people need to understand.

“Why do you still have depression if you take medication?”

Why do you still have a broken leg if you take pain killers? 

I use my medication as a short term fix because as many of us know, waiting for therapy can be a tiring wait. The help just isn’t as available as it is for physical illnesses. It’s incredibly sad.

Seeking advice.

This can be hard. It took me years and i mean years to even contemplate going to the doctors; you can go through phases and phases of denial because you’re always thinking, “I can’t be depressed? so and so is ill and i don’t have it as bad as them? I can’t be.” But as i’ve mentioned before, every single case is different.

Please for your own sake, take that step. Help yourself. It can be a hard and long wait but i’m sure it’s better than suffering alone. I have found so many people who has similar experiences and coping techniques. You’re opened up to sites and groups and therapies you didn’t even know existed. Somehow, it becomes less alone.

Ignore the stigma – make your own choice.

If you need medication, that’s okay. If you don’t want medication, that’s okay too.



You can access mental health information via the NHS website or from your GP; i mean there are loads of other places but those are the most reliable.


Love always x



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