Introduction: Me.

 About Me!

I’m 18, I live in Portsmouth (ish) and I work in one of the many Greggs stores – yes I do get a 50% discount and NO I won’t get you a 45p sausage roll. I have a boyfriend, also 18, and I’m extremely lucky to say that he is supportive and tries to understand my pain. I know that many people don’t have that luxury right now. I attempted college at least 3 times but each time I failed to keep my attendance up due to the fact that college made me extremely anxious. I actually now study online college courses; History, Sociology and Philosophy.

Why I chose this topic to blog about:

I chose to blog about anxiety and depression because I feel that we are the only ones who truly understand; some of the subjects I want to talk about in the future probably also relate to other mental illnesses but I don’t have experience in those. I’d like to educate readers about what it truly feels like to live with these illnesses but most importantly I’d like to reassure readers that they are not alone.

I aim to share grievances, small victories, experiences, good days and bad. In the hope that someone out there can relate and feel less alone. If i help just one person then I’ve accomplished my aim.

Other Info:

I am more than happy to be contacted! If you feel alone, want someone to talk to and air your situations to, or if you just want a friend – I am here.


Love you all x



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